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Casa Clementina is located in one of the most untouched areas on Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula, just outside Massa Lubrense. We are happy to share tips on the most beautiful hiking trails and beaches in the area, and can help you organize day trips after you have arrived at our B&B.

Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, and the Amalfi Coast

Here are some recommendations and tips to discover the most famous sights near Casa Clementina:


The view of Capri from this spot along the coast is unforgettable, and will make you want to strike out across the water to visit the island. We suggest a boat tour departing from the nearby port of Marina della Lobra (Massa Lubrense), where you can book a tour of the island by sea with a few hours of free time to explore Capri by land. You can also visit the island from the port of Sorrento, where ferries depart numerous times during the day.
Capri Ferry Schedules
Capri Day Trip - A One Day Itinerary


Sorrento is about 15 to 20 minutes by car from our B&B, and there are a number of parking lots in the center where you can leave your car. Explore the town center by foot, wandering the picturesque lanes, shopping in the artisan workshops and limoncello stores, and admiring the view from the Villa Comune park. Stop for a gelato or cocktail, or dine in one of the many excellent restaurants in the center.
Self-guided Walking Sorrento Tour


To reach Pompeii, you can take the local Circumvesuviana train from Sorrento. In just 30 minutes, you will be at the Pompei Villa dei Misteri station, just across from the entrance to the archaeological park. Herculaneum is also along the train troute, and you can visit the crater of Mount Vesuvius on the same day trip.
Visiting Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Mount Vesuvius from Sorrento

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is just 40 minutes from the B&B, but if you are visiting in high season when traffic along the coastal road is often intense, we suggest opting for the ferry to Positano and Amalfi which departs from Sorrento, or booking a private day trip by boat. There are also public buses and private coaches that depart from Sorrento to the Amalfi Coast.
Bus Schedules for the Amalfi Coast
Ferry Schedules for the Amalfi Coast


Ieranto 1 hour - 5 km

Ieranto- 45 minute walk (first downhill, then uphill)

For a walking trail that blends both a scenic hike with a chance to swim in a tiny, crystalline cove just facing Capri, spend a day exploring the path to the Bay of Ieranto from Nerano, a small village just a few kilometers from Marciano. The route takes you along the coastline just above the water, terraced olive groves, walls of field stones built by miners (there was once a quarry here), until ending at a lovely hidden beach with a view over the Faraglioni off the coast of Capri.

Punta Campanella

Punta Campanella - 1 hour (flat)

Punta Campanella is the far point on the Sorrentine Peninsula, a historic area the subject of many myths and legends.
Termini, as suggested by its name, is the last village along the coast just before Punta Campanella. The point can be reached by taking the hiking trail that begins at the village's central square. Along the route, you can see the remains of a historic Saracen tower that was used as a defensive post against pirates. This tower was built on the site of an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Minerva.

Crapolla Fjord

Crapolla Fjord - 30 minutes (downhill and then uphill)

This trail is carved from the rock cliffs and takes you down to the water's edge.
To reach the Crapolla Fjord, you can take the trail from Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi that makes its way downhill through the rock cliffs until finally arriving at a hidden beach that has direct sun only early in the morning. There is a tiny chapel on the beach, and legend holds that Saint Peter stayed here during his voyage to Rome.


The beaches along the coastline of Massa Lubrense have been awarded the coveted Blue Flag recognition for their cleanliness for many years. The waterfront of Marciano, where Casa Clementina is located, is within the Marine Park of Punta Campanella.

Capitan Cook 500 meters

Le Fontane - 500 meters

There is a trail just opposite the B&B which leads down to a rocky area of coastline, where there is both a free public area and a beach club with a restaurant.

Baia delle Sirene 2 km

Baia delle Sirene 2 km

This small bay has a beach club and cafè. There is a pebble beach and a number of terraces with sun decks.

Cala di Mitigliano

Cala di Mitigliano - 6 km

If you love wild beaches, you can take the challenging trail that starts at Punta Campanella and leads to the white rock beach with unforgettable views over Capri and crystalline water. This is a free public beach with no cafè.


Nerano - 7 km

There is a long pebble beach at Nerano with a free public area and a number of beach clubs along its clear water. If you plan on visiting, we suggest dining at one of the waterfront restaurants and sampling the local specialty, spaghetti alla Nerano, tossed with zucchini. We recommend Mary's beach, where the food is excellent and guests of Casa Clementina are always warmly welcomed!


Recommone - 7 km

This beach can be reached by taking the trail from Nerano. There is a free public area and a beach club called Conca del Sogno, which offers a boat shuttle service from Nerano.